Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Who am I?

I died. I remember strings cutting through my skin. A tentacle ripping through my chest. A faceless man. Disembodied laughter. But those memories aren't mine. 

 Veronica died that day. However, the Blind man gifted me her memories. Right after taking my own. I don't remember who I was, All I remember is being Veronica.
But I'm not her. Veronica was a scared little girl. Trapped in a life where her own parents gave her no freedom. Her life was dedicated to school and working in her father's Japanese restaurant.
She had nothing. No friends, no freedom, no life.

This body wasn't hers. Veronica's body got slaughtered and torn apart by the Fears. But her memories live on. Maybe this is the only way she could taste the freedom she so badly craved. No longer am I trapped by overly strict parents. Death was her way to break through the clouds.
I now have friends. I now have freedom. I finally have a life of my own.

Now is the time to live it. Even if its in a body that isn't mine. (Or is it the memories that aren't mine?)

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  1. Who are you? You are you. the culmination of your experiences and thoughts. The body is yours, the memories are yours. Your mind.