Monday, October 7, 2013


She is the cause of everything that happened to me. 

Took away my trust. Placed paranoia in its place.
The paranoia that caused my life to fall apart.

Even when she was gone her actions still haunted me.
They still haunt me. But at least she was gone.
That was what I thought.
But she's back. 

We did a raid. 
On proxy bases, all of them.
At once.
Camper's attacked all the normal bases in Belgium. We went after the main building.
We started with a bang. 

Kyra's birds and raptors. Strapped with explosives. They stormed the building from all sides.
High vibrations triggered the explosives.
My screams,
are extremely high vibrations.

Me and Kyra moved in. Attacking all the proxies that survived the blast.
Suddenly a voice.
A familiar voice.
Lisa's voice.

"Victoria. Long time no see."

I looked up. Fire was spreading through the room.
I saw her coming down the stairs. Wearing a mask.
A symbol was drawn on the mask. Not sure what it meant.
A proxy, Lisa is a proxy. She had shorter hair, dyed it dark blue.
I thought I was hearing voices again. It wasn't until she took of the mask that I knew it was really her.


"Its Discordia now. But you can still call me Lisa if you want. We were friends after all."

"You weren't my friend!"

"Ouch, that's harsh." 

She smiled. But her eyes, the same sadistic look in her eyes. 
That day in the pool..the same..

"You tried to kill me you bitch! You ruined my life!"

"No Victoria, I made you realize the truth. The truth that everybody hated you. Isn't that why you killed them? They wanted you dead. I would have done the same."

"Lies! The choir made me kill them! They loved me. Your lies won't work this time Lisa."

She kept walking closer, talking, lying.

"You still don't see it do you? You and I are the same. We're both horrible people. The choir manipulated you yes. But it did that rather easily don't you think? Why is it that they could so easily make you kill your own family? Think about it. You WANTED to kill them. You didn't even once consider the option of running away and leaving them alive."


I screamed.
She just smiled.

"You really think I would confront you without earplugs?"

She walked closer. Aimed a gun at me.
Kyra was dealing with the other proxies upstairs. She couldn't help me.

"Your new friends have already abandoned you, that's fast. You should get away from them before they try to kill you. You know they will."

"They haven't abandoned me. They know I can handle this myself."

"Is that why you're shaking? Maybe you should run, before you wet yourself again like back then."


My voice boomed through the room.
Lisa flew back through the air and hit the wall.
This hadn't happened before. 

The Fire was spreading fast. I wanted to kill Lisa but Kyra, Alicia and Veronica came running down the stairs. We got out of there just in time. The entrance collapsed behind us.


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