Thursday, October 17, 2013

More training

Alicia said  I needed more training. Its true, I can't handle combat up close. Shooting with a rifle from a distance is something I can do. But if they come close to me, I panic. So that's what we'll be focusing on I guess. 

Just had my first Close combat lesson. I mean Alicia already taught us this stuff but that was in group. These are like private lessons. I still remembered the basics so everything went well. Its tomorrows lesson I'm worried about.

Sparring. I just hope she takes off her gloves. I'm pretty sure she will, right?



  1. Need to learn closecombat. Path, domainsmake ditance irrrelevant. Remember that; they can rech you regardless of distance

    1. That's why I'm teaching her it. Kyra and Echo have their own way of dealing with close combat. Veronica doesn't.

    2. Ivr foubd knowung a giod reason dor uour lessons helps ti motivate. Didn't mean a bad omplication.

    3. Didn't think you meant a bad implication. I told her the same thing. Just wanted to add something, so I did.

      Also, It took me a few minutes before I could decipher that last comment. <.<