Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Friendly Faces

Kyra here.
Haven't posted in a while and Alicia is driving. So I offered to post this.
We're heading to that supposed German proxy base. The Belgian proxies have probably warned them we're coming. Which means this will be a very rough battle.

I thought this was gonna be a long trip. But Germany is less big than I expected. We could get there in a few hours. However, fighting proxies after a 6 hour drive isn't smart. So we'll be taking a few breaks. Alicia probably wants to train Veronica some more too.

So its gonna be just me and Echo by ourselves for most of the trip. Maybe I can make her trust me a bit more. It's worth a shot.
It reminds me of Alicia trying to get me to be social back when I was a nest. I'm hoping my chances of succeeding are better than hers were. It's an entirely different situation for Echo though. So we'll see.

Must feel awful, not being able to trust anyone, not even your own mind.
What's even worse that even though its partially the Choir's doing, the real cause of this was Discordia.
A human, now a proxy but back then she was human. Guess some humans are just as evil as the Fears.
Its even worse when you realize they were still kids when this happened.

We all know kids can be cruel, but this is just a whole other level of evil. And Discordia seems to have not changed at all. Judging from her blog at least. Even if we kill the Slender man we'll still have to stop her too. Even if she might not be a proxy anymore after that, she'll still be herself.

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