Saturday, October 26, 2013

New information and stuff

Hi :D

Its Shine here, your favorite dying man shard. (o.o I mean you humans tend to dislike the others for all that killing they do.) I'm here to announce that EAT has analysed the data she found. And it has brought up some interesting information!

It involves resonators like Alicia. Slendy is very interested in them for some reason. O: We don't know why and neither do the proxies apparently. (I assume only the highest ranking proxies know exactly what happens.) But what we do know is that they're always priority targets. And have to be captured, alive. After which they get sent into the Path and are never seen again. O.O

There's a detailed record with several Resonator files. The ones who died are crossed out with a "Failed" stamp. Alicia is the only one who's profile hasn't been stamped with a FAIL or a Captured. Her father was captured according to his file. Which would explain why he was crossed out in that other file. The one Alicia received from Kelevra (through Incognito) months ago. (Back on her first blog) :o

The symbol of the decapitated person was also found in these files. So they might be from the same database or something. Which makes me wonder, who the hell sent that file to Alicia? o.O
Also an address was found in one of the files. Its somewhere in Germany. We think its a proxy base and it might have more information. Which means we'll be going there of course! I wonder what we'll find. I'm excited, proxy base raids are fun. :D

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