Sunday, October 13, 2013


So the mission was a success. EAT is analyzing the data it got and we took down a lot of proxy bases. We also discovered that it was Discordia that was in charge of the Belgian proxies. We should have known, it does explain the sudden increase in weaponry and trained men.

I also managed to take down Socky. Shotguns do the trick apparently. But I have a feeling he'll be back. And he'll be pissed. But that's okay, we can handle him.
Meanwhile I'll train Veronica a bit more. She's still scared, good with a rifle but with a handgun.. not so much.
Not sure how that's even possible. Oh well.

I do have to give her credit though. She's the one that came up with the whole camper assault plan. Even the camper copying us was one of her ideas. It worked well, proxies thought we were everywhere at once. I wish I could have seen their faces when they realized something was off. But you know, masks.

We're so close to killing the Slender man. So fucking close. <x3


  1. Quick question. Once you've taken out the other fears, what's to stop EAT from taking control of everything? I mean, it can take control of everything that's infected by it, right? Which is definitely youse (staying in EAT's base), and from what you've been saying a majority of civilians and runners. Without the other fears to curbstomp it as soon as it does anything major, won't EAT just take out it's hitsquad and work on subsuming the rest of the population?

    Seriously. Please tell me you've got a plan there.

  2. If I was infected by EAT I'd be a camper. Just because I'm hanging around her place doesn't mean I'm infected.

    As for my plan, I never said EAT would be the last Fear I go after.

    1. Really? I was under the impression EAT could hold a dormant state.

    2. Well if that's the case... Then every person on this planet is probably already infected.

    3. Yeah. Which means the only things inhibiting it is t'other fears. Which means maybe acting as a paranormal hitsqauad would be a bad idea, no?

    4. I already said, EAT won't be the last Fear we go after. We'll leave the less powerfull ones for the last. Even a bunch of less powerfull Fears can still keep EAT at bay.

    5. Seems risky. If this doesn't work how you want it, everyone dies. Something to bear in mind.

    6. You really think I didn't think of that? But is the other option (letting the Fears go on terrorizing everyone.) really that much better?
      Every day the Fears destroy thousands of lives. If there is a chance that we can break free, I think its worth the risk.

    7. Not just you you're making that choice for.