Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Socky returns

Like you guys read in Echo's post, we attacked a proxy base. Actually all of the Belgian proxy bases. EAT helped us with that. She It sent Four camper to every Belgian proxy base. Four female camper that kind of looked like us. To spread confusion. It even brought along a flock of bird camper per base to simulate Kyra's birds.

Meanwhile the real Four of us attacked their main base. Kyra and Echo attacked the bottom floors. Alicia took me with her to attack the upper floors. We first went up to the roof of a building right next to it that was one floor higher. We waited for the birds to explode.

As soon as the birds exploded Alicia told me to follow her lead. And then frigging jumped over to the roof of the proxy building. It was only like 1,5 meters away but still, if we fell it would have been a 6 floor drop. I didn't want to jump after her but I didn't have much other choice. So I jumped.

I nearly fell but Alicia managed to grab my arm and pull me on to the building. It was scary. 
But Alicia just kept going, I don"t know how she remains so calm. I ran after her. We went inside the building and walked down the stairs. I could hear proxies yelling to go downstairs to defend the base from Kyra and Echo.
They didn't expect Alicia to come bursting through the door behind them and start shooting them down. I aimed and shot at a guy but missed. 

Meanwhile Alicia put away her guns and just started punching the hell out of the remaining proxies. With a slight smile of amusement on her face. Those Gloves of her work far better than I expected. Or its just that she's that well trained. I don't know.
But then suddenly the Slender man pops up. Well I thought it was him but no. It was that proxy with a sock over his head and the tentacles out of his back. Socky, that's what Alicia calls it.

It started moving towards Alicia. Using its tentacles to move along while its body just hung there in the air. Black tentacles lashed out in every direction. Killing several proxies that got in their way.
Alicia took her guns back out and started shooting it. But the creature didn't even flinch. 

A tentacle smashed down at her, leaving a crack in the floor. She managed to dodge and just kept shooting. A tentacle shot out at her, again she dodged, a desk was smashed to bits. She yelled at me to cover her. So I jumped behind a desk and got out my rifle.
I was good with this thing during training so I figured I'd be decent with it now too.
And I was right. Proxies started coming up through the doors. This time I didn't miss. Managed to hit three of them. Alicia said killing is easier than it should be.. 
She was right, its so easy its scary even.

All the while Socky was smashing his tentacles around. Smashed through a window. Alicia ran out of bullets. "Shit." She threw her guns away and reached for the shotgun she had strapped on her back. But she got hit by one of the tentacles and got smacked against the wall. 
She grunted, Socky moved over to her slowly. The distance allowed her to grab her shotgun and shoot the bastard. This time he did flinch. 
She shot again. And again and again.
And then head shot. The creature screamed and stumbled backwards, covering its blown off face.
Alicia sprinted, jumped and kicked the bastard out of the window.

I heard him hit the ground. I ran over to her, she was alright. Shine was already healing her up. We looked down to see if that thing was dead.
Its body was gone but you could see black stains where he had hit the ground.
We could also see the fire downstairs spreading. We started looking for files and stuff. Anything that could help us figure out a weakness for the Slender man. But we found nothing.

So we just went downstairs. Met up with Kyra and took care of the last proxies. We then went down to where Echo was and got out of the building. Just in time. 
While we didn't find anything. EAT did, on one of her raids. So Alicia is calling this mission a success. Which it kind of is.


P.S: Holy shit, I knew I recognized Echo from somewhere. She's Victoria the girl from my school that ran away after her parents were murdered.. By.. eh herself apparently. But yeah Choir.. Wow, what a coincidence. She's changed though, changed a lot.

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