Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A weakness.

Each universe's Slendy is different. Different strength's and different weaknesses. We need to find our Slendy's weakness. Or at least one of them. And for that we need information. The best place for information about someone/something are the people closest to them/it. This counts for Slendy too.

We need to find a proxy base. Any random proxy base isn't going to have useful information of course. No we need to find one of the headquarters. The Belgian one preferably. (If there is one here. They might just have one building for the entire Benelux. )

Meanwhile I'll continue training the girls. But I think they're ready. They know how to defend themselves in unarmed combat. They know how to fire a gun. I taught them everything I know about Fears. However I can't help them with their powers. If you want to call them that.
They'll have to master those themselves.

Kyra is a lot more fun to hang around with now. Like she said in her post, she's the person she used to be again. Not a pawn of a Fear.
Echo is still a bit of a loner. She obviously doesn't trust anyone. Not even herself. But she doesn't flinch at every slight sound anymore. And she does talk to us at times. I feel kinda sorry for her.
And then there is Veronica. A sweet but shy girl. She's also scared, she managed to improve but you can tell she still has a hard time adjusting to her new life.

And Shine is.. well the same happy shard as she's always been. Part of me wants everything to stay peaceful like this. But I'm expecting a proxy attack yesterday. It's been disturbingly quiet on the proxy front.
Which means shit is about to hit the fan.


  1. I hope you are successful in finding a weakness. I could never be as badass as to kill a Fear.

    1. I hope so too. And someone needs to do it; If I don't do it, who will?

  2. I'm sorry if you've already covered this, but why are you taking on Slender Man? Slendy just seems like an endgame boss to me that you need to really "grind" to have a chance againist. Eh, maybe that's just me.

    P.S. That Charizard.

    1. This isn't a video game. I did already mention this yes. In the first post. Its a statement. The Slender Man is the most well known Fear. In some ways you could say he's a symbol.
      If we can take on him, we can take on all of them. Once he falls it will give hope to the runners. And the Fears and their servants will know that we are not to be messed with.

      Also taking down Fears is kind of exhausting. I don't want to be tired down by the time I reach the "End Boss".

    2. Sorry for the game comparisons but I am bad with words(shock) and its the best way I could get it out. You make good point with the, "if we can beat him we can take on the others," mentality.

      Good luck and kick some ass.

    3. Thanks. Kicking ass is what I do, I'm not gonna stop doing it anytime soon. Hopefully.

    4. Also, just found out the charizard thing. Holy shit. Awesomeness.