Friday, October 18, 2013

Sparring session

First off, no I didn't use my gloves. I'm trying to teach Veronica how to fight, not trying to kill her. Yesterday I tested her knowledge of the basics. Its good, she just needs to get over her nervousness when being attacked. Probably going to take some time but her life kind of depends on it.

I started by throwing some punches. Seeing if she could dodge them. It wasn't until my fourth punch that she actually managed to do that. I kept this up for a minute before telling her to try and hit back. Eventually she managed to hit me but she didn't punch through.
I grabbed her arm, tossed her on the floor and pinned her down.

Me:"You need to punch harder. Don't be afraid to hurt me. Shine will heal it anyway."
Veronica: "I-I know, ..s-sorry."
Me: "Okay, ready for another round?"
Veronica:" Oh.. I uh.."

She was blushing hard. Did you touch her breasts or something? ;o
No.. No I did not Shine. ._.

You sure? Might have been on accident. o.o

Yes, yes I'm sure.

Anyway, I helped her back up and we started sparring again. This time she actually managed to land a good blow or two. I'm pretty sure she'll be combat ready soon. <x3

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