Friday, October 4, 2013

Armed proxies

I woke up in the middle of the night. Nightmare, can't remember what it was. Something felt off... so I grabbed my gun. Looked around my room, it was relatively light because of the bright moon. I heard sounds at the door and turned around. The door flew open and a rifle was aimed at me. I panicked. 

The man that was holding the rifle had a mask on, a proxy. A gunshot somewhere in the house. "Drop it." I dropped my gun just like he demanded, I was scared. I felt my body shaking from the fear and closed my eyes. "Please don't shoot me." I didn't want to die again.

"Target is not in this room."

Another gunshot and a thud.

"I am now."

Alicia's voice. I opened my eyes. The proxy was lying dead on the floor. Blood dripped from the hole in his head. I almost vomited. "You okay?" Alicia asked. "Y-yes." I answered while trying to shake off my fear.

"Pick up your gun and follow me."

"Oh.. yes."

I would have forgotten my gun if she hadn't reminded me. Suddenly Echo screamed. Even though her room was downstairs it still hurt my ears. I followed Alicia and we met up with the other two girls. We all had gotten attacked by a proxy in our room. The others had been able to deal with theirs.. not me though, I had to be saved.  Q.Q

Alicia:" Everyone alright?"

Kyra:" Yeah I'm good. It was just one proxy."

Echo: "Same."

Me:"Y-yeah I'm... okay."

Alicia:" They got past the alarm system and they have guns. Seems like they stepped up their game finally. Which means there's probably more of them around."

Kyra:" So whats the plan?"

Alicia:"These guys will probably think we'll go with plan A or B. They might see through C and D too. Plan E won't work in this area."

Kyra: "Plan F then."

Alicia:"Unless you guys want to go with plan G."


Alicia: "Yeah, didn't think so. Plan F it is."

Alicia's rules say we can't talk about our escape plans. Which makes sense. So I'll have to cut out this part. All I'll say is that we took out one more proxy and that we safely escaped. 

Later we studied the security videos. The Proxies had disabled our traps and alarm systems. Again I'm not allowed to talk details. So I'll just say this made it easy for them to come into the house. After we were gone they searched the entire house before burning it down.

EAT is not happy with this. Alicia says the proxies really pissed her off by doing that. That can't be a good thing for the proxies. 



  1. Odd mixture of precision and idiocy. All in the name of minimizing nonobjective collateral.

    1. Never mind, they're probably trying to take Alicia alive.

    2. Well, yes. I'm pretty sure I found that out in my last blog. Still don't know why but I'm 99% sure they're trying to get me alive. Otherwise they would have blown me up a long time ago, or something along those drastic lines.

    3. surprised they didn't shoot the others in your team

    4. Well they tried.
      Kyra and Echo just didn't give them a chance. Veronica just got lucky I got there on time I guess. The proxy was probably communicating with someone. I think he was waiting for orders. Or something.