Monday, September 30, 2013


The Whispers are finally gone. Silence is all I have left.
Silence and painful memories.

I now know it was the Choir that whispered to me. Made me paranoid, no they just used the paranoia that was already there and fed it

It was her that made me paranoid. It has always been her. Lisa...

The whispers haunted me. But as much as I'm glad they're gone, the Silence now haunts me in its place. I'll never be sure whether a thought is truly mine or if the Choir is still there.
Playing with what is left of my sanity.

They used me to kill my family. 

So I'll use the abilities they gave me to kill them and their kind.

Yes, I still have my "Banshee like screams". Just like Kyra retained her nest abilities. 

We don't know why or how. 

For now I'll just enjoy the fact that I'm able to eat normally again.

Instead of like a rabid dog.

So yay for Pizza.
Just not the Mushroom kind. 
I'll never eat any fungi again. 



  1. But Fungi Pizza is the best my dear.

    1. Wrong. Can't beat the classic cheese pizza.

    2. Classic cheese, but layered with bacon. Easy.

    3. Call me a heretic but I reject pizza altogether.

    4. If you didn't like Skittles so much, Sanna.

      @pHIL Can't argue with bacon.

    5. Holy shit, for once I actually agree with Lovett.

    6. Kyle we've been through this; I now associate Skittles with being drugged with Thiopental by Kelevra. Nothing good goes down if you're drugged by Kelevra.

    7. =( sorry I keep forgetting.

    8. Be fair Alicia, the only major thing we really disagree on is the whole war thing. And the mindparasite. Probably a bunch of other stuff I forgot. Shit, I take it back. We disagree on a tonne.