Friday, September 27, 2013

The Shining one

I'm Shine. Those who know Alicia probably also know about me!
Unlike the other members of this team I'm not human. I'm a Dying man shard, but don't be afraid! I'm friendly. ^.^

I really like humans. In a "non-Iwanttokillandtorturethem" kind of way. Most of my siblings do that. I'm sorry. v.v
No, I just like socializing with you humans! Its a lot more fun. Maybe the other Fears are so wrapped up in their "Great game" that they don't see the fun side of you humans.
Except the Wooden Girl she does see the fun side, except she's just plain cruel.
Not sure why, I haven't talked to her in ages. o.o

And when a Fear says the word ages, they mean it literally. In this case like thousands of years ago. She used to be more fun, oh well! :I

For those who want to read more about me go here.
And Here! :3

~ Shine


  1. Hey, same here. I think human or so damn fun it's unbearable. I got front row seats to watch the Persians rise in power, Greece dominate, Greece fall to itself, Alexander The Great absolutely rule known world, Hannibal's militaristic genius, the Turks take control of the middle east, both World wars, and many more things before and after.

    I also haven't 'talked' to Wooden Girl for ages either. And by 'talked' I mean set her on fire and laugh so hard one of my eyes pop out.

    -Bill Coyote Cipherius

    1. Ah, all those memories. Fun times.~