Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Storm

The Fears have been torturing mankind for far too long. They tormented us from behind the shadows. But they couldn't stay hidden forever. Pictures, Blogs and Vlogs revealed the Slender man to us. Gave us the ability to exchange information on how to survive.  The other Fears were soon revealed too. Slowly we've been learning how to fight back.

Some say they are gods. Yet two of them have fallen. The others will soon follow and they know it. Soon the day will come when Humanity takes back control over our own lives. We might be weak individually but our strength is in numbers. It will be a hard time for us all but eventually we will be free of the tyranny of the Fears.

Join us in our revolution against Fear. Together we can do this. We'll take them down one by one.
But first, first we make a statement. First we kill the Slender man. He started this and killing him will be the beginning of their end.

This time we will succeed.



    -Bill Coyote Cipherius

  2. Eh. You can't really count it as a kill unless it stays dead.

    1. It counts if its dead in my universe. And both are. Sorry about other universes but aside from random dimensional bleeding I can't even enter other universes. Let alone fight their Fears.

    2. As long as there's one universe where one fear survives, there's a risk. How many have to die on this errand? And don't you fucking dare say that any amount of death would be worth it.

    3. If we don't do this nothing will change! Are you okay with that? Are you?
      Are you really okay with sitting on our asses waiting for the fears to pick us off one by one?
      Are you okay with all of humanity forever being doomed to live in a world where any moment their entire lives could be ruined, just because one of those bastards decide they'd be a fun toy?!

      Are you? Because I sure as hell am not okay with that bullshit. And I'm going to do something about it. Yes people will die, but they would die anyway whenever a Fear or a servant gets them. Its better to let these bastards know that us humans are not to be fucked with. It needs to end.