Saturday, September 28, 2013

Believe in me.

It's Kyra again, the real Kyra. Not the awful hatred filled husk that the Convocation turned me into. I became a nest because I couldn't handle the sadness and fear. Being stalked by the Convocation made me lose control of my emotions. I was filled with constant fear.

And then Kevin, the one person that was keeping me alive, got horribly murdered. I collapsed. All I wanted was for the pain and suffering to end. But I was terrified of dying. So when the Convocation offered to take all of it away.. I accepted.

And They did take away my pain, my sadness and even my fear of death. But they also took my humanity. Left only hatred.

They made that hatred fester inside of me and controlled me with it. 

They made me kill so many innocents. And it didn't matter to me. I couldn't feel anything other than hatred. Kevin would have been repulsed by the things I did. Most people would be, including me. Especially me.

But no more.

When the Unnamed Child died it somehow set me free. No longer does the convocation control me. My emotions, my humanity came flooding back. I cried for days. But now I'm myself again. I still have most of my nest "powers". However, this time I'll use them to help others. I'll use the power a Fear gave me against them. To stop this from happening to anyone else.

It won't be easy. But if Kevin was still here he would believe in me. So I will believe in myself too.



  1. But he is here still, can't you see?
    Stop looking in the wrong places. He will bring him back to you.

    1. That doesn't even make sense.

    2. Two different 'he's. Kevin and a male fear; knee jerk reaction is slendy, but then I'm somewhat biased. Kev's alive, in a domain. But that's just an educated guess as to what stripes means.

    3. It's either the Archangel's domain (because he's dead) or the dying man's because it was the Instant that killed him. I don't see why another Fear would have him. Maybe the Convocation but then it wouldn't be a "He". It'd be a 'Them".

      But whatever "He" would bring back, it wouldn't be Kevin.

    4. Eh. Spent too long with people who use Him solely for tall pale and faceless. My moneys on archangel. Seems likely that the archangel being eliminated will free the dead. Hopefully only in your universe.

    5. That's assuming freeing the dead is a bad thing. Maybe it just means they cease to exist along with the Archangel. Finally free of their eternal torment.

      Or you're right and we'll set off the zombie apocalypse. Who knows.