Friday, January 31, 2014

The bleeding tree: part II

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Alicia still needs to recover but she's okay. I won't make this post too long. She needs rest and she can't do that if I'm using her body to post this! So I'll just finish Veronica's last post and let Alicia post the rest when she wakes up.

Alicia wasn't alone in there. There were a bunch of people, all captured in one of those strange trees. I'm guessing those people were also resonators. But they had been there longer than Alicia. And nobody came to save them. Which meant Slendy had them all for himself for who knows how long.

The result was ... well I'll give you an example or two. Across from Alicia was a tree holding a young boy. Fourteen or fifteen years old. His arms had been torn off. There was also a hole where his heart used to be. (And I'm not talking figuratively.)

Another example.
Next to us was another tree. In it was a humanoid shape. It was completely burned. Impossible to see what its gender once was. 

And then there was the guy who's ribcage had been cracked open. His ribs were bended behind his back. Kinda resembled wings in a morbid way. His organs were just hanging there. The girls vomited when they saw him. A normal reaction for humans I guess.

But the worst part of this.. They were all still alive.


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