Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Slender man

I'm back. My everything still hurts but its getting better.
It feels like I'm being burned alive from the inside. But I'll let Shine explain what happened to me later. Now I'll just tell you what happened after I got taken away.

It was when I had to reload my shotgun that socky grabbed his chance. His tentacle shot out and grabbed my waist. I tried to shoot but his fast movements made me miss. The next thing I know the colors around me faded away. I looked back and the girls and the proxies were gone.

"What the fuck is going on?!"
"We're in the path."
"What?! Dammit. "

I shot at Socky's tentacle and he let go of me. I immediately started running. Gunshots never held this thing back very long. "Shit! Where do I go?!" I could hear socky screaming and running after me.

"I don't know. I've never been in here before."

I decided to just keep running along the path ahead. Apparently that wasn't a good decision. I felt a deep shiver go through my back. The Slender man, suddenly he was right in front of me. I tried to turn away and run into the forest but before I knew it I was hit by a tentacle and.. The next thing I knew I woke up inside one of those weird trees.

I struggled to get free but those branches were too strong. I screamed for help but no sound came out. Luckily Shine could still hear my thoughts. We tried looking around for a way to escape, that's when we saw those poor victims. Shine realized Slendy was going to do the same to me.
So when he showed up again she put me into a deep sleep.
I didn't wake up until we were out of the path.


  1. You know, we'd appreciate it if you gave Discordia back. Alive preferably. We kind of need her. Please?


  2. Yeah, That
    won't happen.


    1. Can't blame me for trying.
      Unfortunately I have no choice in this. So we'll have to take her back by force.


    2. Try that.
      And she dies.