Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A tree that bleeds

We found her. After a long walk that seemed to take days we saw a large strange tree. Or at least a part of a huge tree. It looked like its upper half had been torn off. Leaving only a dark brown trunk. A bleeding dark brown trunk.

Yes it was bleeding. A glowing red tree sap was pouring out of it slowly.The whole ground around the tree was soaked in it. It was hard to look at after two days of seeing only monochrome stuff.
The sap had a strange glow to it. I wanted to inspect the tree but Echo stopped me.

Echo:"I hear something."
Echo:" Listen closely."

I couldn't hear anything. Echo started walking towards a bunch of strange twisted trees.(They looked as if they grew in a spiral shape around themselves.) These trees were darker than the bleeding one and smaller. But they weren't black like all the other trees in this place. We followed Echo and eventually we heard the sound too. It was Shine's voice. 

We ran towards her voice. It came from those trees. It was then that we saw Alicia. Somehow she had been imprisoned inside one of the trees. Roots were wrapped around her body and arms. Only her head and shoulders stuck out. 

Shine:" Girls! Over here!"
Kyra:" What the hell is this.."
Shine:"No time to explain. Slendy will be back soon. Get us out of here."
Me:" Is Alicia okay?!"
Shine:"She's .. alive. I had to take over and make her fall asleep for a while. To protect her from the pain."
Me:" What pain?!"
Shine:"No time to explain. Get her out of here before slendy shows up and does to her what he did to those poor people."

She nodded her head in the direction of the trees next to her. ...
It was horrible. They.. were horribly disfigured. I can't even describe.. Sorry. I can't..

Someone else will have to continue. I don't even want to think about it. Let alone write about it.


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