Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Combat tactics


Veronica saw a group of them. Ahead of us. 
If they saw us we'd be in trouble.
This place is dangerous already. Proxies only make it worse.

Kyra:"Shit, we can't let them see us. Any ideas?"
Veronica:" Uhm I think we should stick to Alicia's plans."
Kyra:"Those plans are for escaping to our car safely. I don't think they apply here."
Me:"No cars in this place."
Veronica:"The plans can be used for attacking too. If we use plan D we can flank the proxies and attack before they see us."
Kyra:"That.. could work. Okay, lets do it."

We tied Discordia to a tree. Won't allow her to escape.
Veronica pulled out her rifle and sat down. She had a good position to snipe them.
I went left. Kyra went right.

Veronica took the first shot. One down. 
Me and Kyra attacked. My screams stunned them. Kyra finished them off. Four down.
One tried to escape. Veronica got him before he could.
All five proxies went down in less than 30 seconds.
Alicia's training paid off.

I'll have to thank her when we save her ass.


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