Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Forest of the night.

Kyra here.
We're in the path. It's pretty much the same as everyone says it is. Dark, Black and gray. Grey road, black trees, dark gray sky, almost no light. The only color in this place is us. Which probably makes us visible from miles away. Not good..

Creepiness radiates from this place. Hard to breathe too. Like something is sucking the life out of everything in here. Finding Alicia won't be easy. I just hope we can make it in time. Goddamn it, one second.

Okay, sorry about that. Discordia wouldn't shut her fucking mouth. Had to put duct tape over it. 
Yes, we know we're all going to die horribly in here. No fucking reason to keep ranting about it. Seriously, the bitch gets on my nerves.

Sorry, I didn't mean to get so angry. Seems like that's one of Discordia's talents, annoying people until they get angry and do something stupid. Not gonna happen. Anyway we should get going. The more time I spend here the less time we have to save Alicia.

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