Sunday, December 22, 2013


Proxies didn't expect us to show up at their base so soon after they caught Alicia.
So the proxies on guard duty were taken by surprise.
Veronica shot them down one by one. 

They started panicking and running around. Kyra's birds surrounded the building Keeping the proxies inside. 
I moved in. Screamed.
Proxies dropped to their knees. Glass burst.
Kyra and Veronica moved in. Shooting down more proxies.

"You decided to show up anyway? Still following your foolish leader even after her death?"

"She's not dead Lisa."

A laugh. Discordia came walking down the stairs. Wearing her white mask with the golden apple on it.

"You plan to save her then. You do know where she is right? How cute. Do you really think the Slender man will just let you walk into his world and take his prey?"


"You realize you can't enter the path, right?"

"We can't, but you can."


Kyra had got behind her and hit her with a jolt of electricity.

"Goddamn it! that hurts!"

"Not as much as this!"

I jumped on her and screamed right in her face. 
Disoriented, I started beating her.
Eventually she gave up on resisting.

Discordia is now our captive.
We'll use her to get into the path and get Alicia back.
And then..

I'll need to think about what to do with this bitch.


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