Saturday, December 21, 2013

Haunted places

Kyra here.
After the proxies retreated I heard Veronica Celebrating. But that soon changed. She yelled at us to come back. I turned around just in time to see Socky disappear with Alicia in his grip.

The Proxies got what they wanted. That's why they retreated. FUCK. After all we went through, this is how it ends? 
Veronica was crying her eyes out. I went over to her to comfort her.

Veronica:"I couldn't take the shot, I should have been faster. I should have saved her."
Me:"It went too fast. You did what you could."
Veronica:"We need to save her." She looked up at me and wiped her tears away.
Me:"There's nothing we can do. They have her, it's too late..."
Veronica:"BULLSHIT! We can't leave her alone after all she's done for us!"
Me:"I know! But according to those files he probably took her to the path. We don't even know how to get into that place. Let alone save her from the Slender man himself."
Veronica:"I might know a way.."

Her plan could work. And she's right we can't abandon Alicia. She's our friend and I won't let another person close to me die at the hands of a Fear. Hang on Alicia, we're coming for you.

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