Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ambush part II : Between a Sock and a hard place

Alicia:"Time for Plan G."
Me:"What?! We can't just-"
Alicia:"We can't cut through the the forest. Its too densely packed with trees. We have no other choice. Everyone out of the car, now. Kyra, Echo you two keep the proxies away. Veronica stay here and cover them with your rifle."
Me:"But I-"
Alicia:"You can do this Veronica."
Alicia:"Get ready. I'll deal with Socky."
Kyra:"Are you sure you don't need our help?"
Alicia:"You'll be helping by taking care of the proxies. I dealt with this bastard before, I can do it again."

I took my rifle and got ready to shoot. Echo and Kyra ran towards the proxies. Suddenly stopped, Echo Shouted. You could almost see the moment when the sound waves impacted the cars. The two cars up front lost control and smashed into the trees. The car behind them kept driving until its windows cracked and the car rolled over. Blocking the road for the other three cars. 

Before the proxies could get out of their cars Kyra had released her birds on them. As they tried to fight off the flock of birds I took a deep breath and started shooting them down. One by one.
Kyra and Echo moved in. Started shooting at the proxies from behind the cover of the front cars. The proxies inside had been killed either by the crash or the birds. The proxies shot back at us from behind their own cars. As long as they didn't get close I was fine.

Meanwhile behind us Alicia was shooting her shotgun empty on Socky. I could hear its screams. Alicia reloaded her gun. Socky took its chance and slammed its tentacle against her. She flew back against our car.

Me:"Holy shit! You okay Alicia?"
Alicia:"Yeah, ugh..You just keep your eyes on the proxies."
Me:"But... Oh right!"

I turned back around. The proxies were getting closer to Kyra and Echo. Echo kept them at bay with her screams. I started shooting at them again. Suddenly Kyra jumped out behind her cover and shot lightning out of her hands. I'm not kidding, frigging lightning!

I didn't know she could do that. I hope not all nests have that ability. 
A proxy snuck up on Echo from the side. I shot him in the head. The remaining few proxies suddenly got back in one of the cars and drove away. 

Me:"Yes! we got them!"

But then I turned around. Just in time to see Socky wrapping a tentacle around Alicia. She shot at him but missed."Goddamn it!" She shouted. I aim my gun at his head but he moved too fast. I yelled at Echo and Kyra to come help. It was too late.

Socky disappeared. Along with Alicia. I think it went into the path with her. I didn't know what to do after that.. I still can't believe I let this happen... I should have protected her.


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  1. Not your fault. If you're gonna blame anyone, blame Discordia.