Monday, November 4, 2013


I'm glad that EAT has hideouts in Germany too. I wouldn't feel safe sleeping in the car. Mostly because there's an army of pissed off proxies out there. And they know where we are going. It's also good for Veronica's training. Would be weird if I had to spar with her in the middle of wherever we happened to be.

Would be fun explaining that to people who think I'm beating her up. <.<
Even worse, I don't know German. Which is a shame, my mother was part German. I should have asked her to teach me.. Can't change the past I guess.

I'm not sure Veronica is ready for actual combat. But we've given the proxies too much time to prepare already. We can't wait any longer. We need to attack as soon as we arrive. I might need to talk to Veronica first though.

I don't want her to start doubting herself. Doubting yourself can get you killed in our situation.
And she already has a low level of self confidence. She doesn't have the experience I do or the powers Kyra and Echo have. She doesn't have Shine either. But, she's a natural with that rifle and smarter than any of us. If she uses those skills well she'll survive. She only needs to realize that she has them.

So yeah, I'm gonna go talk to her. <x3

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