Thursday, March 20, 2014


Alicia here.
I'm gonna stop blogging. I might still occasionally comment on other blogs but yeah.
There's nothing left to blog about. After the girls captured Discordia the proxies tried everything they could think of to get her back. It was getting dangerous to keep her around so I let Echo deal with her.
Veronica didn't like it but she realized it was the smartest thing to do.

After we dealt with Discordia the Belgian proxies started fighting amongst each other. All we had to do was sit back and watch their organization crumble. I think Mark didn't survive the riots but I could be wrong.
Didn't take long before the other servant groups took the opportunity and wipe out the remaining proxies. Right now the Timberwolves seem to be having the upper hand.

But the Archangel isn't after me so I ignore them.
All I have left to worry about is Slendy himself and well, all I can do is run. EAT seems to have disappeared so she won't help. So yeah, maybe I could have killed slendy. But not anymore.
Perhaps in another life.. another reality, another me will beat the crap out of slendy and succeed where I failed. <x3

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Slender man

I'm back. My everything still hurts but its getting better.
It feels like I'm being burned alive from the inside. But I'll let Shine explain what happened to me later. Now I'll just tell you what happened after I got taken away.

It was when I had to reload my shotgun that socky grabbed his chance. His tentacle shot out and grabbed my waist. I tried to shoot but his fast movements made me miss. The next thing I know the colors around me faded away. I looked back and the girls and the proxies were gone.

"What the fuck is going on?!"
"We're in the path."
"What?! Dammit. "

I shot at Socky's tentacle and he let go of me. I immediately started running. Gunshots never held this thing back very long. "Shit! Where do I go?!" I could hear socky screaming and running after me.

"I don't know. I've never been in here before."

I decided to just keep running along the path ahead. Apparently that wasn't a good decision. I felt a deep shiver go through my back. The Slender man, suddenly he was right in front of me. I tried to turn away and run into the forest but before I knew it I was hit by a tentacle and.. The next thing I knew I woke up inside one of those weird trees.

I struggled to get free but those branches were too strong. I screamed for help but no sound came out. Luckily Shine could still hear my thoughts. We tried looking around for a way to escape, that's when we saw those poor victims. Shine realized Slendy was going to do the same to me.
So when he showed up again she put me into a deep sleep.
I didn't wake up until we were out of the path.

Friday, January 31, 2014

The bleeding tree: part II

Shine here!
Miss me? o:

Alicia still needs to recover but she's okay. I won't make this post too long. She needs rest and she can't do that if I'm using her body to post this! So I'll just finish Veronica's last post and let Alicia post the rest when she wakes up.

Alicia wasn't alone in there. There were a bunch of people, all captured in one of those strange trees. I'm guessing those people were also resonators. But they had been there longer than Alicia. And nobody came to save them. Which meant Slendy had them all for himself for who knows how long.

The result was ... well I'll give you an example or two. Across from Alicia was a tree holding a young boy. Fourteen or fifteen years old. His arms had been torn off. There was also a hole where his heart used to be. (And I'm not talking figuratively.)

Another example.
Next to us was another tree. In it was a humanoid shape. It was completely burned. Impossible to see what its gender once was. 

And then there was the guy who's ribcage had been cracked open. His ribs were bended behind his back. Kinda resembled wings in a morbid way. His organs were just hanging there. The girls vomited when they saw him. A normal reaction for humans I guess.

But the worst part of this.. They were all still alive.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A tree that bleeds

We found her. After a long walk that seemed to take days we saw a large strange tree. Or at least a part of a huge tree. It looked like its upper half had been torn off. Leaving only a dark brown trunk. A bleeding dark brown trunk.

Yes it was bleeding. A glowing red tree sap was pouring out of it slowly.The whole ground around the tree was soaked in it. It was hard to look at after two days of seeing only monochrome stuff.
The sap had a strange glow to it. I wanted to inspect the tree but Echo stopped me.

Echo:"I hear something."
Echo:" Listen closely."

I couldn't hear anything. Echo started walking towards a bunch of strange twisted trees.(They looked as if they grew in a spiral shape around themselves.) These trees were darker than the bleeding one and smaller. But they weren't black like all the other trees in this place. We followed Echo and eventually we heard the sound too. It was Shine's voice. 

We ran towards her voice. It came from those trees. It was then that we saw Alicia. Somehow she had been imprisoned inside one of the trees. Roots were wrapped around her body and arms. Only her head and shoulders stuck out. 

Shine:" Girls! Over here!"
Kyra:" What the hell is this.."
Shine:"No time to explain. Slendy will be back soon. Get us out of here."
Me:" Is Alicia okay?!"
Shine:"She's .. alive. I had to take over and make her fall asleep for a while. To protect her from the pain."
Me:" What pain?!"
Shine:"No time to explain. Get her out of here before slendy shows up and does to her what he did to those poor people."

She nodded her head in the direction of the trees next to her. ...
It was horrible. They.. were horribly disfigured. I can't even describe.. Sorry. I can't..

Someone else will have to continue. I don't even want to think about it. Let alone write about it.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Combat tactics


Veronica saw a group of them. Ahead of us. 
If they saw us we'd be in trouble.
This place is dangerous already. Proxies only make it worse.

Kyra:"Shit, we can't let them see us. Any ideas?"
Veronica:" Uhm I think we should stick to Alicia's plans."
Kyra:"Those plans are for escaping to our car safely. I don't think they apply here."
Me:"No cars in this place."
Veronica:"The plans can be used for attacking too. If we use plan D we can flank the proxies and attack before they see us."
Kyra:"That.. could work. Okay, lets do it."

We tied Discordia to a tree. Won't allow her to escape.
Veronica pulled out her rifle and sat down. She had a good position to snipe them.
I went left. Kyra went right.

Veronica took the first shot. One down. 
Me and Kyra attacked. My screams stunned them. Kyra finished them off. Four down.
One tried to escape. Veronica got him before he could.
All five proxies went down in less than 30 seconds.
Alicia's training paid off.

I'll have to thank her when we save her ass.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Forest of the night.

Kyra here.
We're in the path. It's pretty much the same as everyone says it is. Dark, Black and gray. Grey road, black trees, dark gray sky, almost no light. The only color in this place is us. Which probably makes us visible from miles away. Not good..

Creepiness radiates from this place. Hard to breathe too. Like something is sucking the life out of everything in here. Finding Alicia won't be easy. I just hope we can make it in time. Goddamn it, one second.

Okay, sorry about that. Discordia wouldn't shut her fucking mouth. Had to put duct tape over it. 
Yes, we know we're all going to die horribly in here. No fucking reason to keep ranting about it. Seriously, the bitch gets on my nerves.

Sorry, I didn't mean to get so angry. Seems like that's one of Discordia's talents, annoying people until they get angry and do something stupid. Not gonna happen. Anyway we should get going. The more time I spend here the less time we have to save Alicia.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


Proxies didn't expect us to show up at their base so soon after they caught Alicia.
So the proxies on guard duty were taken by surprise.
Veronica shot them down one by one. 

They started panicking and running around. Kyra's birds surrounded the building Keeping the proxies inside. 
I moved in. Screamed.
Proxies dropped to their knees. Glass burst.
Kyra and Veronica moved in. Shooting down more proxies.

"You decided to show up anyway? Still following your foolish leader even after her death?"

"She's not dead Lisa."

A laugh. Discordia came walking down the stairs. Wearing her white mask with the golden apple on it.

"You plan to save her then. You do know where she is right? How cute. Do you really think the Slender man will just let you walk into his world and take his prey?"


"You realize you can't enter the path, right?"

"We can't, but you can."


Kyra had got behind her and hit her with a jolt of electricity.

"Goddamn it! that hurts!"

"Not as much as this!"

I jumped on her and screamed right in her face. 
Disoriented, I started beating her.
Eventually she gave up on resisting.

Discordia is now our captive.
We'll use her to get into the path and get Alicia back.
And then..

I'll need to think about what to do with this bitch.